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Add a promising pet investment to your portfolio

Pets are Purrfect Pals for investing .. Venture capital interest in U.S. pet-focused companies grew 29.5% from 2019 and 2020 as pets receive more attention from owners. 


 Investors have recognized a new opportunity with pets.

"Animals are such agreeable friends -

they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. - George Elliot

Pet Friendly by pet lovers for pet lover

We are a company that has it's roots in a very successful brand called “Pet Friendly" and offers a variety of branded products that are aimed at providing pet lovers stylish and quality products that vary from pet toys, water, supplements, and shampoos, as well as non-traditional pet food, people apparel, organic fertilizers, and other household items.

Our USP is that our products are quality products and we are transparent as to where we source our innovative, creative, and unique pet toys, accessories and products from.

Made in China Is Not Acceptable

If you walk into any big-box store, pick up an item at random off the shelf, and look at the label, chances are you’ll see these three words on most of the tags: “Made in China.” Even if American customers can no longer find Chinese made products in big box retailers as a result of the China syndrome/communism China trade embargo for most big box retailers, products they pick up might be tagged with “Made in Mexico” or “Made in Taiwan” – but it almost certainly won’t say “Made in the USA.”

Quality Pet Products "Made in USA"


According to a report by Consumer Reports, 80% of American shoppers say they prefer to buy goods made in the United States. More than 60% say they’d even be willing to pay more for an American-made product.


At Petfriendly1, Inc., our products are manufactured and assembled proudly right here in United States, which is something we take very seriously indeed, and pride ourselves on. Our products are very high quality, keeping in mind the pet owner, but most importantly the pet itself, and improving the quality of life of these beloved pampered pooches.

Petfriendly1 is a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. The DoD believes that the sacrifices made by veterans in the service of our country needs to be recognized at all levels.

Certified Service-Disabled
Veteran Owned Business

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Traction & Accomplishments


Product Development

We will be conducting extensive research and development before we introduce our products to the market. We are committed to assessing, eliminating, expanding and amending our product lines. If necessary, our products will be subjected to testing by an outside lab.


Intellectual Properties

Because of the special market characteristics of our branded products, we have secured patents (utility and design), copyrights and trademarks on equipment, designs, color formation, company name and logo. We understand that avoiding patent infringement is just as important as the benefits of intellectual protection of proprietary technology. For these reasons, patent and trademark searches are performed on all technology. We will apply for and/or protect with ®, ©, or ™, all names, copy, acronyms, and products that provides a competitive edge. We will rely on a combination of copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret laws, and contractual provisions to protect these rights.


Brands are riding the wave of social media marketing with 73% of marketers believing their efforts have been effective for their business. (Buffer, 2019) The usage of social media is without a doubt one of the most popular online activities that users engage in with 3.2 billion users worldwide and growing. That equates to about 45% of the current population.


Social media has been broken down by Emarketer; 90.4% of millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of baby boomers are active social media users in 2019. The social media statistic uncovered that an average of three hours per person per day is spend on social networks and messaging.


We are interested in finding the best brand ambassadors to promote our products and we will engage with our customers and persuade them to tell us stories about their beloved pets who will be using our products, which we will profile on as many platforms as possible. Furthermore, we are planning on offering incentives for leaving reviews as well as conducting online surveys and asking for customer testimonials. Our customer referral program will hopefully bring in many more customers and we will have an active and vibrant presence on social media.

Market Opportunity

The largest number of potential customers is individual customers. As of 2019, 67% U.S. households or about 85 million families own pets. In 2019, an estimated $95.7 billion was spent on our pets in the United States reported by the American Pet Products Association and market research publisher Packaged Facts.  The 2019 U.S. Government Census shows 128,580,000 households; 67% of that number represents our potential household consumer market, 86,148,600.


In fact, the pet product industry has seen year-over-year spending increase 450% over the past 25 years and consumers spent $95.7 billion in 2019 on pet foot, supplies and treats.


Driving the growth of the pet industry are two overriding factors: the humanization of our pets and the way millennials pet parent. The largest pet-owning demographic, millennials, are prepared to spend beaucoup bucks for the best-quality pet products they can find to maintain the health and well-being of their pets. Today, more than ever, pet owners view their pets as irreplaceable members of their families and lives.

Business Model & Revenue

In Pet Friendly’s past ten-year long history, more than 4,500,000 rope toys were produced with an average retail price per unit at $5, which equals $22,500,000 retail.


As of now, we are pre-revenue, although we have made some small sales to local mom and pop stores. We are in the process of setting up manufacturing, distribution, e-tail and shipping.


The pet industry is booming. We spend as much on our pets’ care as we do our own – or on our kids. Pets are taking on the role of children for many Americans, this is particularly true for millennials. As pet owners increasingly humanize their pets, they are more willing to spend money on things like premium pet care and food products.

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Unique Advantages

Our trademarked name and logo as well as patented designs and technology are our competitive edge. With our intellectual properties, we can potentially capture a large share of the market. As intellectual properties holders of the technology, we can have the branding benefit of becoming a tribal cult. We understand that avoiding patent infringement is just as important as the benefits of intellectual protection of proprietary technology. We state this while keeping in mind that our brand as well as our intellectual properties gives us a distinctive advantage.

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Our overall promotional objective will be to position the

brand Pet Friendly as the leader in the market.


What better way to describe who you are,

what you are, and

what you represent

than with the name Pet Friendly?

Pet Friendly name a red.png

Growth Roadmap / Development Pipeline


Our marketing strategy is to educate, enhance, promote and support the opportunity to shape, carve, and change the pet industry as well as improve pet health and awareness. Our promotional objective will be to position Pet Friendly as the leader in the market. Our marketing strategy begins with a “who we are” statement and supports it with promoting the brand. This campaign is built around the past and acceptance of Pet Friendly’s products at the consumer level and is vital to pet awareness and educational programs, and to providing a brand for pet people. Focus will be placed on publicity which includes trade shows, social media, conventions and community events.


                        We have new products planned in the near future including pet dishes, treats, pet travelers,                              household products, apparel and accessories, gift cards, and a holistic approach to nutrition                              including food, water and supplements. In addition to our existing product line, we will                                      introduce next generation products including new and superior products that will contribute to better pet health, awareness and interaction.


Petfriendly1 isn’t just a pet lovers company, it’s a lifestyle brand or a mantra for people who are truly “obsessed” with their pets.

Investment Opportunity

We are looking to raise $2M.


The funding will allow us to update our website, RangeMe site and Amazon Seller Account, e-tail travel, site, and social media presence, to expand and complete product line categories, and set up offices, warehouse and shipping with necessary equipment and essentials.


Pet owners aren’t going to stop spending on their pets just because money is tight.

They don’t view these costs as “discretionary spending,” and are willing to give up

other expenses to cater to their pets. This translates to an industry that will

continue to do well even if the economy weakens.

Why Invest?

startup roadmap.jpg

All Pet Friendly pet toys are unique and available exclusively from Pet Friendly. We pride ourselves in our understanding of dogs and their pet parents and strive to provide what is best for them. Our goal is for the pet experience to be an enjoyable and positive one, by providing products that are designed and manufactured with quality and practicality in mind. For over 30 years, we have been devoted to helping dogs live quality lives.


Besides all of this, we are committed to manufacturing our products right here in the United States. It means a great deal to us to be able to do this and to provide employment and opportunities to the Americans who manufacture our products, and to our customers who know they can rely on us to provide “Made in USA” quality products that are best for their pets.

An investment in Petfriendly1, Inc., an American Made, Veteran Owned company, is an investment in America.
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