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A dream. An idea. To create a quality, versatile dog toy which would provide different textures and sensations for your pet. A toy to help create bonding with your pet. A toy to help comfort your pet in your absence. The dream became a reality in 1992 with the formation of Pet Friendly. The company was started in a 2,000 sq. ft. storage shed with a 12 x 12 office. After producing rope toys in various shapes and sizes it was obvious to include a treat on the rope toys. Now, all of our pet toys are distinguished by their innovative design, multicolored rope and unique methods of incorporating pet treats with rope toys.

We provide pet owners a high-quality, responsibly sourced and manufactured line of pet toys that are perfect for your pet - any breed, any size and any personality! We love the Pet Friendly brand and think your pet will too.

Our Story

Pet Friendly - It’s what we believe; it’s the message behind all of our products. We know how great you feel when you’re with your pet. We know the profound, positive influence your pet has on your life. By making high-quality products, we keep in mind the pet owner, but most importantly the pet itself, and improve the quality of life of these beloved pampered pooches.


Pet Friendly is a brand that celebrates the remarkable bond people have with their pets. The major ingredient in Pet Friendly is capturing that remarkable feeling we as pet lovers have because we, here at PF &I, don’t sell products we sell a feeling.

We pride ourselves in our understanding of pets and their pet parents and strive to provide what is best for them. Our goal is for the pet experience to be an enjoyable and positive one, by providing products that are designed and manufactured with quality and practicality in mind. For over 30 years, we have been devoted to helping pets live quality lives.

What better way to describe who you are, what you are, and what you represent than with the name Pet Friendly?

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