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Pet Friendly Treats

We provide authentic farm-fresh pet treats and chews. Our partner’s position as both the farmer and butcher from human consumption to be the true farm-to-pet option for consumers who love their pets and each family farmer is known. Our family farmers are small family farms in the United States and Columbia that we are comfortable with and that share our high standards. That’s how the best ingredients and freshest products are sourced for our products.

We provide high-quality, responsibly sourced and manufactured line of pet treats that are the perfect treat for your dog – any size, any breed, and any personality!

All products are shipped from a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) compliant through BRC certification, meaning all of our products is produced at a gold-standard human grade level.

This means you are getting the freshest products for you dog to enjoy. Your complete satisfaction and the health of your pet are important to us. We love the Pet Friendly line and think dogs everywhere will too.

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